The Restaurant at Meadowood, helmed by Chef Kostow is a three Michelin-Starred modern American Restaurant meant to speak to and positively impact the Napa Valley. What excites us most is garnering relationships with artisans, growers, foragers and other members of this dynamic place. We hope that their stories can meld with ours; that we can be caretakers of this collective vision — sharing it with our guests in a manner at once personal and celebratory.


We strive for seriousness, for meaning, and for permanence in our cooking. We attempt to cook in service to the place in which we find ourselves- hoping that, if we succeed in doing so well, that we may cement our legacy within this greater thing. We hold the thread of the multitudes of collaborators and of a history shared by chefs and cooks that have preceded us. We try to do things right in how we shop and cook; how we approach the sanctity of the products that we grow and procure; how we teach and mentor and support our team. We are relentless in trying to make the food better, more delicious, more relevant, more singular, more personal. We are smart enough to know that this is a forever task, yet impetuous enough to try to still do it all today. Our food is what we give of ourselves. It is at once our daily efforts and their culmination.


Chefs Counter

An exclusive dinner curated by Chef Kostow directly in the kitchen. Guests are immersed in the midst of an evening’s busy service.

Tasting Menu

Chef Kostow creates a tasting menu, approximately three hours in length, featuring a modern approach to Napa Valley cuisine- “approachable, dynamic, evocative and playful.”

Three Course Menu

Offered exclusively at The Restaurant Bar, this lighter fare menu is an opportunity for guests to experience Chef Kostow’s cuisine.